Meet the Team

Karen Hayes CEO (UK)
Karen heads up the team from the UK; she has been involved in the Broadcast Industry for more than 15 years and at the helm of Coralaze (formally Flying Colors Europe) since 2006. Karen has a great technical background in communications, broadcast and event planning throughout her professional career. As the chief scrutiniser of every job Karen’s mission is to personally ensure that every Event is one to remember.

If Karen ever does decide to take some time out she likes to spend as much time with her new son Teddy and walking Alfie before he starts work. Karen also likes to take in a little retail therapy from time to time (what woman doesn’t). Contact Karen at

Sally Brook (UK)
With Coralaze since 2008, Sally is our planning & project manager, procuring and co-ordinating global broadcast services. Sally has been in the broadcast and communications sector for almost 20 years and also has seven years experience in the banking industry. Most of her spare time is taken up with her family; as well as the normal daily chores she loves going out for meals, going to the cinema, bowling and getting involved in fun family activities. Naturally she always looks forward to her holiday breaks when everyone can be together. Contact Sally at

David Jackson (UK)
David is a newcomer to Coralaze but no newcomer to business. After 13 years as technical officer with BT, David left to run his own communications company for 20 years before selling up to pursue other interests. His technical communication and business knowledge is a great asset and complements the business. He loves travelling, underwater photography and diving on famous old wrecks. Contact David at

Linda Jackson (UK)
If you need someone to look after your finances, Linda is the right person for the job. Having worked in accounting for more time than we are allowed to disclose, Linda has been alongside Karen and Coralaze since the company started in 2006 as Flying Colors Europe. Her attention to detail with clients and suppliers is an essential ingredient to the success of Coralaze. Linda formally worked alongside her husband with their own business. She likes spending time with her family and socialising with friend’s, she also likes to shop but keeps a very close eye on what she spends! Contact Linda at

Meet Alfie Hayes
Alfie is our Mascot and he lives with Karen, John and Teddy. He comes in the office four days a week just to keep a check on everyone. He does get a little tired of the human company so every morning and evening he likes to run around the park flirting with many of his (female) canine friends. Still in his prime and dedicated to his responsibilities, Alfie has no intention yet of settling down to a steady relationship in the near future.

Natalia Varón (South America)
Natalia has 12 years experience in show production. She is fluent in English and French as well as her native Spanish. Natalia has great experience in the management and production of international corporate events, expo’s, concerts and congresses including video production, editing, lighting, set design and project management. Natalia’s hobbies include playing tennis, reading and going to the movies although just recently her little boy seems to take up all of her spare time. Contact Natalia at

Melodee Paul (North America)
Melodee has been working in the Special Event, Broadcast, Production, Webcast, Streaming and the Satellite Industry for more than 37 years (Since she was 3!!). What keeps her going is the variety and challenges each event or broadcast brings. In her work Melodee has travelled all over the world where she has gained a vat of knowledge in the worlds many different cultures. In her spare time Melodee loves to fish on her boat with her husband on the many lakes around her hometown, although where she finds the time escapes us all. Contact Melodee at

Sanjiv Bandlish (India)
Covering our productions and representing Coralaze in India we have Sanjiv Kumar Bandlish. Sanjiv has worked with many international broadcast companies and his experience includes master control rooms, cameras, lighting, sound, editing and live feeds covering remote live news and events. Sanjiv is a keen squash player and loves watching movies and cooking but not all at the same time. When he’s not at work we can often find him in Goa trying it out on the boogie board. Contact Sanjiv at

Gregory Kuznetsov (Eastern Europe)
Covering Eastern Europe and the Ukraine is our one and only Cool Hand Gregory. We often say that things do work very differently across the globe but nowhere is as different as Eastern Europe. Gregory has the know-how and patience to bring the impossible together for our clients. Along with his vast experience in research production of news stories, his presence at an event is always reassuring for our clients. Gregory’s claim to fame is that he was part of the team that launched Russia’s first 24/7 English language TV broadcast channel. We really don’t know what Gregory does with his spare time (if he has any) but imagine he spends as much of it as he can with his wonderful wife. Contact Gregory at

Ann-Kathrin Schmidt (Western Europe)
Ann-Kathrin is based in Germany & helps look after our Western European clients. She has spent her whole career in broadcast, starting in audio and visual media to present day producing and managing events. Her expertise lies in broadcast events both commercially and technically, taking the stress away from our clients. Ann-Kathrin likes travelling the world which is a good thing really! She also loves to cook & read thriller novels. Contact Ann-Kathrin at

Michael Fleck (Asia & Australasia)
Reaching the other side of the world is no mean feat however our presence in Asia and China is well covered by Michael and assisted by Bruce across into China. Michael has been actively involved in the design and delivery of live events for longer than he cares to consider. Starting with one of the first national satellite events in Australia in 1986, he’s put together solutions for clients  in virtually every country of the Asia Pacific region and has extensive first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Contact Michael at

Bruce Wang (Central China)
China can be a daunting place to try and get things done. Based in Beijing, Bruce manages our operations in Greater China looking after production, transmission and keeping the clients happy. Recent projects include work for Adidas, Ray-Ban, International Monetary Fund and Lamborghini. Contact Bruce at

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